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Fun Pianos welcomes Texas dueling pianos player Joel

We are very slow to add new players to our roster. It has been much more important to me over the years to ensure every show turns out as I want my name to appear than to use subcontracted players I haven’t heard, or to add less expensive players for short-term gains. About once per year a player and situation comes to us that I’m very happy to add to a strong roster.  Last weekend, we were proud to add a new player to the staff: Joel. I scouted Joel last summer at what is probably the best dueling pianos bar in the country: Pete’s in Fort Worth, Texas. Joel has a strong baritone voice and a skill and want that is lacking in many of the newer dueling pianos players: interacting with and making a personal connection with the audience. He is a well-respected player throughout the industry, and yes it is a great advantage to us to have another player in Texas, dueling pianos place of rock and roll origin.

Joel did his first Fun Pianos show with us last weekend, and received great reviews from the folks in Missouri: Dueling Pianos by Fun Pianos made a repeat engagement in Columbia.

We have said good-bye to my good friend and valuable piece for years: Jefrey. He has moved on to his own endeavors, and we will miss him and the workload has carried for us for over 5 years.

Sam & Jefrey. Jefrey was a part of Fun Pianos dueling pianos for over 5 years

Sam & Jefrey. Jefrey was a part of Fun Pianos dueling pianos for over 5 years