Watch VideoFun Pianos! by 176 Keys, Dueling Pianos Show

October 3-9 with Fun Pianos

Where will Fun Pianos be this week? Where WON’T Fun Pianos be this week!

Our show is all interactive, comedy, musical dueling pianos. Colorado will see it for the third time in a month tomorrow. Three Thursday shows this week display our increasing knack for filling up our weeknights. West Bend Wisconsin, North Hollywood California and South Sioux City: dueling pianos lovers who especially love the format of show that Fun Pianos brings.

It doesn’t stop there: Friday we have two shows in Nebraska, Saturday they hit Kansas, and Sunday we hit Indianapolis. Dueling Pianos provided with extra fun and funny by Fun Pianos…proven to be a hit all over the country. Don’t take our word for it, see our 1000+ reviews at

Have a FUN day!