Watch VideoFun Pianos! by 176 Keys, Dueling Pianos Show

Playing musical chairs….. Literally.

Assigning players isn’t done randomly. In fact, when you book a show, most of the time the player closest to you is the one assigned to your event…. but that isn’t ALWAYS the case. Here at Fun Pianos, we are often asked how we decide which dueling piano players will be assigned to do each show. Although we have offices in Omaha Nebraska, Phoenix Arizona and Tampa, Florida, we have players from all over the United States who will go anywhere to do shows. It is well known that Sam is from Detroit but has been living in Seward Nebraska for some time now. Jefrey currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, Steven lives in Los Angeles, California, and some players from Michigan as well as other states. Although Tyler is originally from the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, he lives in Tampa, Florida now along with Chris and their piano playing neighbor Keith has a place in Orlando. Katy is a Chicago girl, Steve lives in Houston, Texas and Gary just moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. With all of these players all over the place, it would seem that it would be difficult to do a show in a place like Manhattan, Kansas or Fargo, North Dakota – but Fun Pianos will go anywhere! We have been known to do shows in places as small as Grafton, NE (pop. 122) and as far away as Portland, Maine San Diego, California, Miami, Florida and Seattle, Washington. So the players who get assigned to do these shows are often chosen by their proximity to another event. If we were to do a show in Denver, Colorado – we might have a team of players come from Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Iowa, or even North Dakota or South Dakota (if that is where a previous show was). For instance, if a team were to find themselves in Des Moines, Iowa on one night, they could easily do a show in Ottumwa, Iowa the next night and then bring dueling pianos to Minneapolis, St. Paul or Milwaukee on the following night. So Fun Pianos takes a lot into consideration when choosing which piano players are going to do which shows. If you are considering having Dueling Pianos at your next event feel free to contact us at any time.