Watch VideoFun Pianos! by 176 Keys, Dueling Pianos Show

Theatre or Theater … we do that

While a typical 176 Keys Fun Pianos! show would be performed in the round, sometimes we hop in the Way Back Machine and find ourselves in front of plush seats up on a stage with a proscenium and everything.  That’s right, we just used a 25¢ word — “proscenium,” the front part of a stage.  Not to be confused with proboscis, which would be putting our nose in it.  If we had a really long snout, or a trunk.  But to get back to our story…

…we have a good time in an auditorium, too.  The audience still gets up and dances.



And gets down and dances…

…and has a great time, comfy seats and all!

Many thanks to the Rivoli Theatre in Seward, Nebraska.  We had a great time!