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Today’s post comes courtesy of Jefrey, who was half of our Rapid City team on Saturday:

“There are indelible moments that occur in your life, ones that leave you truly feeling blessed and appreciative of the gifts bestowed upon you!
Tonight was one of such moments.
This is [name withheld], amidst a crowd of 2,500 in an outdoor arena he stood on stage right by my piano, danced, sang and played a mean tambourine. When I got up to get the crowd involved or to wow them, he would come stand beside me and do exactly as I did with the biggest smile on his face!
I sent him home tonight with his new tambourine and he left me with a huge smile on my heart!”


Did your heart not just melt?  I mean, really?  It makes our heart to smile, too, Jefrey.  Big, silly grin.

With a rattle of a tambourine on top.