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How We Are Different

US (176 Keys Fun Pianos)

Dueling pianos IS a great idea IF (and only if) you get the right act. Each dueling pianos company is different. EVERY 176 Keys show is performed by audience interactive experts whose career focus is audience interaction and entertainment.

Our show isn’t just a couple of guys on pianos singing songs…it’s REQUEST-DRIVEN MEGA-INTERACTIVE Dueling Pianos! The 176 Keys Fun Pianos show has more audience interaction success than any other even dares to attempt. Really!

Sam Ferguson owns 176 Keys, goes on 75% of the shows himself, and hires only a handful of guys who love our audience & client-first format. We do an excellent job of this on AND off stage. We are just trying to spread around a good time, and make a living at it while we do it. (Oh…and yes we are fully licensed, insured, accredited, and all that good stuff).

176 Keys gives you the real show. Every time. We won’t accept your contract or money unless we have a great show available to you on your date.


We know many of our clients shop around before deciding on their entertainment. In fact, we encourage you to do so! If you can find another show who has dueling pianos reviews of our quality, and quantity…and can be verified by contacting them directly…at a better price…then, we encourage you to book that act, knowing that overall it keeps our industry strong.

Sometimes people are unaware that all dueling pianos shows are different. Just as there are bands with a wide range of cost, experience and skill, the same is true of dueling pianos shows. Hiring a $500 local band may be the right choice for some people, but not for others who want to know they are going to get a professional, experienced, and highly-rated act.

Be careful of these problems many people face upon hiring other dueling pianos shows:

  • Dueling pianos acts are sprouting up every year, and the term ‘dueling pianos’ is becoming a blurry definition. (Every dueling pianos show IS different!)
  • Some dueling pianos shows now avoid singalong tunes.
  • Some dueling pianos shows know lots of songs but don’t have entertainment skills.
  • Some dueling pianos shows are no more than doing a few prerequisite tunes and forcing a few canned jokes.
  • Some dueling pianos shows are run by agents, who charge a lot, hire low-priced talent, and care about their bottom line more than they care about the client.
  • Some dueling pianos shows are extremely low-priced and inexperienced. This usually shows on stage. (Every dueling pianos show IS different!

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