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Sam Ferguson
Sam Ferguson, Owner & Lead Player I created 176 Keys in 2003, started doing private functions in 2004, and added on Amy Lee to help build the business with me in 2005. I didn’t set out to create the largest and best traveling dueling pianos show in the country, it just turned out that way. In 2006, we were getting more business than I could handle on my own. We had to add other players we could implicitly trust to maintain the quality name we had built. This attitude has grown stronger over the years as we continue to raise the bar on the quality of our shows.Quality work breeds more success. We place the client first by supplying the best show possible every single time. Clients are happy, and business is good. I still play most weekends that we book.

Jefrey: 176 Keys was the leading show in the country before Jefrey joined in 2008, then it got better. Jefrey co-created the enhanced 176 Keys approach that has received even better and more consistent good reviews than we previously had, at a time when we were already the best received show in the country.
Steven: Steven is the youngest talent on the 176 Keys roster, and has the most modern and currently danceable repretoire on staff. He exudes enthusiasm for audience participation and has fit the 176 Keys mega-interactive approach like a glove.
George: No dueling pianos player has a electric combination of putting the audience first with lightning-fast piano solos that involve all 176 Keys like George. He’ll pull you in with his contagious smile, and then blow you away with his playing!
Matt: Matt had been dueling at one of the Top 5 clubs in the country for 13 years, which focused on the old show of interaction and putting the audience first. When that club had run it’s course and Matt saw the 176 Keys Fun Pianos show, he wanted in…and we wanted him. He’s been a natural fit for over a year, but it feels like he’s been with us forever (in the good way).
Marc: Marc was with Fun Pianos for 4 years as an elite member on staff. 4 years ago he pursued some other music-career dreams, and loved it. Now, he has “gotten it out of his system”, and decided he wanted to be back with the fun times a Fun Pianos show provides. We are thrilled to have this top player back on our staff!
Keith: Keith is one of the most respected duelers in the industry, in or out of the club, and has been at it for over 20 years. Audiences love him, and we are honored that he considers 176 Keys the best-run traveling dueling pianos show company in the country.
Tyler: Tyler is all about leading a good time. He was an audience-interaction pro when it was cool, and has stayed that way when others said it wasn’t. He played for nine years as a regular at Howl at the Moon Orlando while it was in it’s prime. He took his show nation-wide in 2003 and has involved audiences in almost every dueling pianos club in the country. With all his experiences, as one of the most respected and well-liked dueling pianos players in the country, it is an honor for us to be be Tyler’s company of choice when performing private functions.
Tommy: Tommy was a member of the original 176 Keys team over 10 years ago. After a hiatus to entertain on the cruise-ship circuit and broaden his horizons, he has decided to narrow his horizons to the company that “does the show the way it should be done.”His smile and personality is infectious, and his personal touch seduces audiences across the country.
Chris: Chris’ skills can be put on any show anywhere in the country, and we know we will have a very happy client. In 4 years of playing with us, there isn’t one player on staff who can think of one time he didn’t make a good song selection for the audience. On stage and off, Chris is a rock-solid performer we are lucky to have.
Kate: Kate is perhaps the most energetic player on our staff. She loves playing with Fun Pianos because it’s where her energy + audience focus is easily most accepted. And why not? Kate’s been knocking out great reviews since the first day she joined us over a year and a half ago
Tom Bagley
Tom Bagley: Take the experience of entertaining mass crowds from the Tomorrowland Terrace Stage in Disneyland, mix it with the originality and charisma of a rock band leader… and you have Tom. Using his 20+ years of Dueling Pianos experience, Tom always keeps the party going with his energy and his ability to engage everyone in the room.

Amy – National Office Manager: A business graduate of Michigan State University, Amy keeps everything in the offices flowing as our accountant / marketing whiz / logistics manager. We couldn’t do it before she came on board, so we know we wouldn’t be able to do it without her!

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