Watch VideoFun Pianos! by 176 Keys, Dueling Pianos Show


Sam: Owner Lead Player
It’s easy for Sam to fearlessly work his improv at the Fun Pianos show…he owns the company! Sam cares about leading a good time for the audience, that’s it. One night the audience calls for comedy. Another calls for singalong. Most nights call for both…and then something else unexpected. Now living in Nebraska, Sam also considers North Dakota his second home.






Jason joined the team in 2018 and has been the workhorse of the staff, on and off stage. He has been a great grab for Fun Pianos and their audiences after long stints at clubs in Houston and Kansas City.






Matt has toured with Fun pianos for over a decade! A master of creating audience-friendly bits and generating smiles and singalong, after 20 years of singalong in and around Michigan. Matt is a trusted anchor of our staff.








Brandon is a positive ball of energy who joined the Fun Pianos staff after the pandemic. After seven years playing in Louisiana and Arizona, Brandon has found a home with Fun Pianos for years to come.







Isabelle is a delight to Fun Pianos and their audiences alike! She attended a show in Nebraska and asked about becoming a player. After a year of training and finishing up her music degree at University of Nebraska-Omaha, she is now touring as a full-time performer with our team.





Shayla – Daily Operations Manager
Shayla Varney made a career move we couldn’t be happier about: Taking on the vital (and endless) tasks of daily operations of the company. Inquiries, contracts, logistics…all need to be done, and that’s before she can move down the list! Since the company’s formation in 2005, only one other person has been entrusted with these roles beyond the owner. Shayla is the perfect person and the perfect fit to keep the company moving as it has been for nearly two decades.