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Sam Ferguson, Owner & Lead Player Sam is the most off-the-wall of all the performers on staff. Sure, it’s easier when you own the company, but nonetheless…
Sam cares about leading a good time for the audience, that’s it. One night the audience calls for comedy. Another calls for singalong. Most nights call for both…and then something else unexpected.
Sam delivers what is needed for FUN on any show he is on.
EmEm: In almost 3 years with the company, Em has raised the bar for Fun Pianos shows after several years of performing dueling pianos clubs. The Fun Pianos show has allowed her funny and shining personality to come through more than it had been in the male-dominated clubs around the country.
JasonJason: Jason came high recommended to Fun Pianos for his incredible voice and piano skills, but equally for his engaging personality. Jason has fit in with our company’s audience-first, interactive show as quickly as anyone who has joined the company in our 17 years.
After playing in clubs in Houston and Kansas City, Jason has enjoyed the opportunity to showcase these traits more than he has been able to in some time.
AmandaAmanda: Amanda joined Fun Pianos dueling pianos from two hotbeds of live music: New Orleans and Nashville. Seeking to be a part of where dueling pianos has been (great singalong and interaction) rather than where it’s gone (band songs with little interaction), her love for the audience and leading a great time is a perfect fit with the Fun Pianos!
Matt: Matt had been dueling at one of the Top 5 clubs in the country for 13 years, which focused on the old show of interaction and putting the audience first. When that club had run it’s course and Matt saw the 176 Keys Fun Pianos show, he wanted in…and we wanted him. He’s been a natural fit for the Fun Pianos dueling pianos show for 8 years.
TylerTyler: Tyler is all about leading a good time. He was an audience-interaction pro when it was cool, and has stayed that way when others said it wasn’t. He played for nine years as a regular at Howl at the Moon Orlando while it was in it’s prime. He took his show nation-wide in 2003 and has involved audiences in almost every dueling pianos club in the country. With all his experiences, as one of the most respected and well-liked dueling pianos players in the country, it is an honor for us to be be Tyler’s company of choice when performing private functions.
Donald: Donald has been dueling for 20 years, and been having FUN with Fun Pianos audiences since 2012. One of the funniest players on staff and a master of the classic singalong format, Donald also impresses with great vocal skills.

Amy – National Office Manager: A business graduate of Michigan State University, Amy keeps everything in the offices flowing as our accountant / marketing whiz / logistics manager. We couldn’t do it before she came on board, so we know we wouldn’t be able to do it without her!

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