Watch VideoFun Pianos! by 176 Keys, Dueling Pianos Show

Sponsor a Show

The Fun Pianos show is a positive and…well…FUN experience for everyone who attends. The shows are clean, and appropriate for everyone, without making attendees feel like they were subjected to a “show for kids”. (Take a look at the pictures, and see just how much fun adults are having at our shows).

So, you’re associated with a great time at a great event. That’s great…but does it make financial sense? That is for you to decide: We have a large and growing following in Nebraska, with thousands of followers in our email list, Facebook page, etc. We advertise all our shows beyond these mediums in local newspapers, posters throughout town, and more. Our Fun Sponsor is mentioned in all of these places, whose total cost to advertise in would certainly be greater than the cost of a sponsorship with us.

Throw in that our sponsor gets to get some “swag” to our attendees and even introduce us at the show, and it all adds up to be associated with a great time to adults who have spending money.

Contact us today to see how sponsoring a show can benefit your organization.