Watch VideoFun Pianos! by 176 Keys, Dueling Pianos Show

Dueling Pianos for kids? Yes…IF it is Fun Pianos!

When we receive an inquiry for an event we aren’t a good fit for, we will skip the sale and let the inquirer know. I’d like to think the primary reason is because I am an honest and good guy. While it is true than I am those things (I hope), the main reason we do this is because if we are a bad fit for entertainment at an event, people will remember us a bad entertainment. We haven’t been doing this for 14 years by thinking of the short-term goals of getting “one more gig”. And frankly, I’m too busy to book shows I know are going to be a nightmare.

Funerals: I can’t imagine a funeral is a good place for us to do our show…unless I am convinced that the family wants it to be a tie of upbeat celebration like they do at New Orleans-area funerals.

Post-proms: This also used to be taboo. We do a  good job of keeping up with current the tunes night-life people are listening to…but to keep up with the material of 18-year olds, not to mention their fickle personalities on such  things…we did a few of these and quite honestly they didn’t go great.

When we flipped the script from standard dueling pianos to audience-participation and interaction many years ago, all of a sudden we became a hit at these functions! Like the rest of our shows, no longer was the entertainment about the songs, it was about the AUDIENCE, and the audience having FUN!

We have a couple such parties scheduled this year, bringing Fun Pianos dueling pianos Goodland KS (technically a “senior party” and in Superior WI. We are excited to get these almost-adults in on the ground floor of having FUN!