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Limited availability: No kidding!

During this summer which was moderately busy, we ran some proposals to sell the open dates in our schedule. At the same time, we cautioned that the winter was going to be the opposite, and to get your winter dates before they were sold out.

I can understand how people thought that was just sales-speak (I might have thought the same thing), but many winter dates are sold out. If you would like to have us with you, check our availability NOW! This goes for next summer, too: we are giving some players time off next summer, so while demand is lower, so is our “stock” of players, making Summer 2017 quite like our winter schedule in terms of limited availability.

Here are some great dates in certain areas that are still available:

Saturday November 12: in and around Illinois & Wisconsin

Friday November 18: Texas & Kentucky

Saturday November 19: Florida

Saturday December 17: Colorado

Friday January 13: Colorado

Saturday January 21: Western Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, Colorado

Dueling Pianos provided by Fun Pianos: If it isn’t Fun Pianos, it isn’t FUN!