Watch VideoFun Pianos! by 176 Keys, Dueling Pianos Show

The 84-day month

(From Owner/Lead Player Sam Ferguson):

I have lately been keeping a bit of an online journal for my friends on Facebook, and someone suggested this might be interesting for our clients and friends as well. Here it is. 🙂

I’ve been at it at the “hotel office” for a few hours, and will be for a few more before the 8-hour commitment of setup + wait around + show + teardown here in Grand Forks. (Dueling Pianos by Fun Pianos has taken off here the past few years).

After the show, we’ll be packing up for getting back on the road for an afternoon show Fun Pianos dueling pianos show in Lisbon ND for a Veterans Home. In the morning we head on to Pierre SD, where we’ll stay tomorrow and Thursday night so I can have a full day of hotel office time without travel. (Thankfully my in-office staff takes care of everything our clients need whether I am in or not).

Friday begins the homestretch of the 10-day week within the 84-day month: 5 hours to Alliance NE for a show, then 6 more to do  the Fun Pianos dueling pianos show in Lincoln NE Saturday.

Thankfully I get to sleep at home Saturday night…half the time I half to spend Sunday getting home (something every other player on staff has to do more weeks than me, where they are spread out through the country).

This morning my wife sent me some pictures showing love the fur babies are receiving from our friend’s human kids. She takes great care of these kids while I’m gone, but she will tell you that these kids really love them up. Pictures and FaceTime help me get through the 14-17 hour days on the road during a stretch like this.