Watch VideoFun Pianos! by 176 Keys, Dueling Pianos Show

Who is Eldora’s queen?

Eldora, you ask?  It’s a city in Hardin County.  In the middle of Iowa.  Their county fair is happening RIGHT NOW, and last night was the coronation ceremony for the 2014 Hardin County Fair Queen.

Congratulations!  (There is the 2013 winner.  We’ll update with the 2014 winner as soon as information is available online.)

How did Hardin continue the celebration?  With a performance from 176 Keys, of course.

The client was happy.  We’d say aw, shucks..but that would be a corny joke.  (You see what we did there?  “Corn(y)”?  “Shuck(s)”?)  Just giving a little humorous tassel.  Erm, hassle.   Really, it sweet.  SUPER SWEET.